L3+ solo mining on a home network


I really do appreciate you taking the time to help however, i cant help but feel like you are working on theory alone and ill be honest. it just dosnt always work like that.

Have you used a l3+ to solo mine to a litecoin wallet?

scrypt asics are stratum. stratum does not require servers to rember what work they gave the miner thus reducing overhead on serverside. the problem with that is that litecoin cleints still use the getwork proto. There really does not seem to be a way to convert stratum into getwork.

Im not sure how accurate stankonia story is that they used to solo mine using their knc titan. it is the exact same issue as the l3+ has.

stankonia could you help me understand how you solo mined using your knc titan?
i have emailed bitmain quite a few times trying to get them to tell me how i can use their miner to solo mine and they refuse to help in any way saying its impossible and that i should mine to a pool. i find it a bit rediculous. i really would like to find a working solution too. One that i can use on a windows box and not have to setup a pool on a linux box. I am however, sick of people giving advice on therory. it just dosnt work like that.

I am not giving advice on theory…I know way too damn much about networking for that…
I may not have an L3 but I do know how to connect a miner to a wallet solo using ethernet and usb and both are two different methods…your l3 should have a way to run solo without a proxy server anyway…most all antminer products do…

If you haven’t used a l3+ miner and solo mined to a client with it then yes, you are working on theory only.

I just saying its not so straight forward as you would hope these days given my points about stratum being a completely different protocol to what the client understands.

You advice on using the “-coinbase-addr” for example is a copy paste of instructions used that are now completely redundant in the mining world, in regards to solo mining.

Personally i only give advice on something i have actually specifically used or done using the hardware and software the op is using. You just cant guarantee these days that its universal because now a days, it just isnt. Years ago, bitcoin software and hardware and the techniques to get it going were all pretty well the same!

Good man
Thanks for your expertise. I will study what you’ve said and give it a go? Thank you so much👍

Can you please tell me how you solo mined with your knc titan? And please let us know if you find a working solution to solo mining with the l3+

Can i just say I have posted requests for help in lots of different places we have a good topic going, I had 5 titan miners mining the most profitable and lowest difficulty local wallets (gamecredits, verge to name a few) and made a lot of money. Titans used bfg miner which suppots stratum. Have a look at your address input on you l3+ if you have one? You will see the miner works on getworks it relys on a pool stratum to convert it. We have a working progess on this forum at the moment thanks to positive responses. Its a shame some people find the need to ruffle feathers. My interest in this subject is in the stratum issue. The only way is to experiment with config on a stratum server this is abit beyond me but even someone giving any constructive input will help me. I can use the error log to see me getting closer to a goal no body has achieved yet.! Just getting back to bitcoin mining back in the day, I remember using a local stratum server configured by slush and I pointed four blades at it, it then converted getwork to stratum. This is what i want to achieve. With l3+ to a local wallet not necessarily a ltc wallet, although with 7x l3 miners it probably would not be a bad idea.

Ok so ive ruffled feathers, i believe that giving you advice on theory is not helping. I 100% don’t believe you have used a knc titan to mine to a wallet. I asked you how you did it and you still haven’t answered fully. I encourage you to correct that so i can eat my hat and we can move on.

The Titan and l3+ miner on the software side is as you said, stratum only and the wallets are all getwork, not stratum. If you found a solution for that and mine on the titan then what was that solution?! Because if it wasn’t to do with modifying the software on the pi, the computer titan controller comes with then i 100% dont trust that you mined to a altcoin wallet that hasnt been modified to allow stratum protocol to directly communicate with it to solo on them.

I’m trying to tell the person who is trying to help you to rethink what is helping. A quick search of the Internet gives results where everyone is saying the same old crap. It does not work in this case, it is old directions furthermore, most of it is the wrong way around. We are trying to send stratum protocol to a node that dosnt understand it and the only tech out there so far converts getwork into stratum (slush stratum PROXY), not the other way around because its basically impossible to do unless you run a stratum server (you called what slush made a stratum server and that is incorrect. he made a stratum proxy that turned what the blades you had (sending getwork) into stratum so pools would understand them. Pools use stratum because they don’t need to remember what work they gave the miner, thus reducing overhead and they can take many more miners at once. Pools removed the ability to receive getwork and thus we needed slushs stratum PROXY not server.

Stratum server, Its what pools use as their back-end. Its what miners connect to and it feeds info to the brain which calculates the website ect ect. Basically its the engine that we need ported to work on windows, i can get it work on linux just fine. I can get one to run on its own to act like a proxy that you need on linux just fine. If thats all you need and you have a nix box then let me know ill help you through the process. What we need is one that accepts stratum from miners and converts it to getwork so the node can understand the work given to it. Personally i want a solution i can use on a windows box. So far i have to use a p2pool node to solo mine which isn’t terrible but i really would like a solution more direct.

If you want info on how to port a new coin to work on p2pool software to work on windows let me know and ill happily help as i know it 100% it works because its what i currently do to solo mine on a windows box using a asic that sends data in stratum.

Have you got nothing better to do?

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Well, some progress was made.

I installed bfgminer, set miner and computer to keep same ip on network.

started my wallet…altcoin.exe --server --addnode (the computer running the altcoin wallet)

I had to keep the rpcuser and rpc password, otherwise windows refuses to start the altcoin wallet with the above instructions.

next I tried the bfgminer.exe --scrypt -coinbase-addr (altcoin address) -http-port 3333
failed, unrecognized command

it accepted bfgminer --scrypt -coinbase-addr (altcoin address) -http-port 3333
but borked on -http-port 3333 as unrecognized command
did bfgminer --help
should be --http-port 3333
didn’t see any -coinbase-addr in the help file nor --coinbase-addr for that matter, so looks like that command has been depricated. Did see a note for command --coinbase-check-addr which refers to addresses included after pool seperated by ,
however since I am not inputing a pool with bfgminer, not sure how to include addresses after , [suppose I could do it at next stage when inputting “pool url” of]

tried starting it without wallet address, just bfgminer --scrypt --http-port 3333

bfgminer starts and asks for url, I input
asks for user, I include the user from altcoin.conf that windows requires as noted above
asks for password, again, include from altcoin.conf
tells me no valid pool

tried again with inputting, followed by user, and password…same result no pool found

so I guess I was wrong about the user name and password b3eing in the .conf file…

looks like if you just put a random user name and password in the .conf file you should be able to get bfgminer to connect

you can just start bfgminer with a script just like cgminer or you can just run it and it will ask for input of a pool address, a username and password

try starting bfgminer like this:

bfminer.exe --scrypt -coinbase-addr (litecoinaddress) -o -u (same as .conf file) -p (same as .conf file) --http-port 3333

the command your talking about is coinbase-checksig and it just verifies the signature of the transaction when available…I dont think this is a mandatory option though

as long as you see bfgminer running to your wallet alone then you can point the l3 bfgminers ip address which is if you are running your wallet on the same machine as bfgminer

stratum uses your external ip address to accept incoming connections…if you want a local network proxy server then use cgminer as a proxy server or bfgminer as one

P2pool is not true solo…it is connecting you to your peers pools and paying you out every time a block is found…
if you were truely mining solo you would only get paid 25 LTC everytime a block is found…period

I tried this and failed
Could not see where i was going wrong?

stratum uses your external ip address to accept incoming connections…if you want a local network proxy server then use cgminer as a proxy server or bfgminer as one
you can also go to slushpool or litecoinpool and download their stratum miner and make the batch file however you want…REMEMBER THIS WILL ONLY WORK FOR OUTGOING CONNECTIONS NOT LOCAL

unless you can figure out a way to use “coinbase address” command with it to get paid for each block you find you cannot mine solo with a stratum proxy

Im not sure why im being ignored here.

Stratum is a protocol that a coin client, unless modified, does not understand.

@bakd247 given your networking skills you should understand this example code:

        import socket

sock = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
sock.connect(("altcoin.client.at.", 3333))

sock.send("""{"id": 1, "method": "mining.subscribe", "params": []}\n""")
print sock.recv(4000)

sock.send("""{"params": ["kens_1", "password"], "id": 2, "method": "mining.authorize"}\n""")
print sock.recv(4000)

Notice the commands its sending? Those are part of the stratum protocol i’m talking about. The coin client does not understand these. The majority of coin clients out there, still only understands getblocktemplate, getwork which look something like this:

{"id": 0, "method": "getblocktemplate", "params": [{"capabilities": ["coinbasetxn", "workid", "coinbase/append"]}]}

The l3+ and the Knc for example are always sending the first example i gave “Stratum” Asking a coin client those will not work. I might try and find the bitcoin wizards chat room today and see if i can get answer on how we convert backwards instead of what slush made which was getblocktemplate (from old bitcoin miners) to stratum. We don’t need that as our miners are sending stratum commands not getblocktemplate getwork commands. (stankonia please read what i’m saying and try and understand it. The link you went to before and the software they used is slushs proxy and its turning getwork into stratum. You/we want the opposite. Thats why it dosn’t work.)

I didn’t quite make it to talk with the bitcoin wizards before i remembered a project that isnt being updated anymore, CoiniumServ. I remembered it worked on windows. I went to their git at github and they removed all their binaries but i managed to build a .exe that works on windows by using visual studio. I’ve built it and configured it and it works just fine and its solo mining blocks just how i want it to using my l3+ and titans.

If you want some help then let me know or i can even just package what i have and you can run it yourself. Feel free to ask me about how to configure it as i have extensive knowledge on how to set it up. It will work on any coin you chose to use your l3+ but you need to just know how to make a pool config which is simple but needs doing all the same.

Here is the info on how to build it

You dont need git, just download the zip from:

Visual studio is easy to setup, just click through for a standard install and then when you go to build it will tell you the changes you need. Then download them and try to build again.

Make sure you note that the column on the right in the guides picture. They are highlighting “Program.cs” you must have it highlighted also. Not doing so will result in a failed build. I don’t believe pressing F6 in VS works anymore so just go to the build tab up top and click build.

Again, feel free to ask any questions you like to get it done. Alternatively, as i said, i can upload what i built and it should just work on your desktop.

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yes that code is there…but your apparently not reading it correctly
all mining is solo of some kind…even pools use a solo wallet and then use stratum to accept incoming connections to the external ip address…this does not works for local “intranet” devices…only external as in other usernames and passwords…

Do you not know what a “demarcation point” is?

got to litecoinpool or slushpool…when you download that and run it …it connects to their external ip address…
it is only used to connect multiple miners to a single external ip …
not for local networks to mine to using internal ip addressing

the only way to get it to work is to install the client side of the stratum proxy server on to the miner.l…and the host side on the side with the wallet/node…then you still have to use 2 routers to connect the two using external ip addressing…unless you can figure out some way to get it to work with DHCP…

In my opinion, you are incorrect and WAY off.

I really think you are confusing your knowledge and this software up. It just does not work the way you think it does in your head.

The server code i pointed to is getwork under the hood, it just allows us to point asic miners at it and it understands that and translates it before talking to the wallet node. I currently have over 30 miners pointed at that one windows box running that one CoiniumServ code on a lan network. It solves the issue of converting stratum sent messages from the miners to getwork that the wallet understands to effectively solo mine! Its lightwight, simple to setup and i could walk a 10yo through it. Whats the problem here. its a simple solution for windows in a home network, everyone should be cheering!

I really dont know what you’re on about but ill explain something to you.
Please read it this time!

In a simplified manner, Stratum is a line-based protocol using plain TCP socket, with payload encoded as JSON-RPC messages. That’s all. Client simply opens TCP socket and writes requests to the server in the form of JSON messages finished by the newline character \n. Every line received by the client is again a valid JSON-RPC fragment containing the response.

Slush didn’t make a proxy that would work by converting stratum to getwork, he made it to work the other way around. Thus we need to use his stratum server code to achieve what we want. Job Done!


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This thread has lost my interest…

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With quotes like that i think its not the end of the world that you lost interest in sending poor miners on a wild goose chase.

For those that come across this thread and need help then there is one solution i posted here. Pm me anytime and i will gladly help.

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