L3/L3+ Configuration (Manual/instruction guide)

Hello everybody

I will be mining Litecoin actually, I am thinking to get the L3+. However, I would like to know something.

Does someone know how to set/configure the L3 or L3+ (probably it has a similar configuration) in his web interface? Is there any manual or instructions?

I really appreciate your collaboration for advanced


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that all depends on whether or not those things have a controller built in…if it does not and you are using a computer or raspberry pi as a controller connecting through USB or GPIO then use cgminer…don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to just use it with cgminer https://github.com/dmaxl/cgminer …start cgminer with cgminer.exe --help and use the configurations for Antminer with the --scrypt flag…I don’t know for sure as i don’t have one of those miners but that’s where I would start if i were u if it didn’t come with instructions from who u got it from…

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if it does have a controller built in and you can just plug an Ethernet cable into it being a Bitmain / Antminer I guarantee you just need to open a web browser and type in the IP address of the miner in the address bar then just type in your pool configurations in the ssh page that comes up and you should be good to go…make sure to add a worker in a pool with the correct difficulty accordingly…

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in this link I could find many info.


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