L3+ for 110V or 220V?

L3+ for 110V or 220V ?

Most power supplies are rated from 100 to 240 Volts 50/60Hz.

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all depends on the power supply you use…l3 runs off of 12 volts along with all other computer hardware in the world…3 volt and 5 volt are used as well…but your power supply is everything as you can buy them either way…220 is more effiecient if you have a lot of stuff running but for a single miner I’d stick with a 110 input on the PSU and upgrade to 220 if you have over 2500 watts coming to the same area

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I am using AW3+ powersupply, is that one for 220V?

look at the plug…a 220 plug doesn’t fit in a 110 socket…seems to me like you need to watch some youtube videos on electricity 101