Kryptex powerful miner on the PC

Kryptex-a Program for automatic earnings (mining cryptocurrency BitCoin). Earnings in the Kryptex program depends on the power of the processor and graphics card. The system has an affiliate program, with the help of which you can earn an additional 10% of the partners involved . The minimum amount of the requested payment is: 0.0002 BTC. On the Kryptex project, there are two options for withdrawal of earned funds, the first is the withdrawal In the bitcoin cryptocurrency and exchange for the currency of your country through Local Bitcoins or exchange offices. the second option is to output to The QIWI payment system directly from the project. From Qiwi money can be transferred to your card or phone. The program can be run on multiple computers at the same time, the accounts of the project have detailed statistics.

Result. From 1 of this month on the cryptex, the GTX 460M I get 51-52 Kx. On nicehash-28-29 with not weak aggression, then draw conclusions)

This service allows you to earn money (cryptocurrency) on The capacities of your computer. Put the program on your computer and include the money in the meantime on the machine drip on the account. The more powerful the hardware in your machine (CPU and graphics card), the more money You, as we are promised, will be able to earn. I at first too doubted but searching systems Google and Yandex on Kryptex reviews, and anything intelligible did not find, I decided to take and to check this website and share with You. At first, the project looked very suspicious for me and I really seriously doubted its reliability.

**Download here**

As for the software itself, in the settings of the Kryptex program there are two modes of cryptocurrency mining: comfortable and complete. Comfortable mode is easier-reduces the load on the processor and graphics card Of your device, thereby freeing up more resources to work on the computer during the mining process. Full mode loads the system already at full capacity, which at the same time, respectively, increases and your income.

In the beginning, download and install the proposed program-miner and run it. Note that different anti-viruses may swear on the installation of such mining software (which is the program from the Cryptex) and block some files. But there is nothing terrible here, this program will not harm your computer, do not worry