Komodo’s dPoW Now Supports Litecoin Notarizations For 51% Attack Protection

Nice Stuff…

  • Cost-efficiency - Cross-chain notarizations with LTC will save 2.5 - 3 BTC per month, which sums up to $2 - 2.5 million annually at the current market price. For Komodo, this means there will be more opportunities to onboard new projects to the dPoW ecosystem, especially smaller up-and-coming networks with limited funds. Cost savings will also directly benefit the Komodo blockchain project. Those funds will be allocated towards scaling up developer resources, organizing more community campaigns, and becoming more sustainable.
  • Less Resource Consumption - Fewer computational resources are required with Litecoin compared to Bitcoin. Because Litecoin is less “wasteful”, the overall carbon footprint of the dPoW network will be much lower.
  • High Hashrate - Litecoin’s hash rate is quite high compared to other Proof of Work-based blockchains that have implemented ASIC resistance measures. Litecoin is currently averaging more than 270 TH/s daily.
  • Faster Block Times - Litecoin has a 2.5 minute block time, while Bitcoin has a 10 minute block time. Thus, dPoW can now perform cross-chain notarizations at up to 4x the speed.
  • Mining Decentralization - Less than 10% of Litecoin hashing power is available on marketplaces like Nicehash. As a result, it’s practically impossible to even try a coordinated attack on the Litecoin network through resource renting.
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