KNC Titan pool settings


I had to create a new SDcard for my titan and now I can’t get my pool settings right.
My url is this:

But on the titan page is says Miner halted check your settings
Is there somebody willing test or knows that this url is correct and the problem is something else?

Kind regards,

If it is a multipool I’ve always had trouble with multipools like nicehash and prohashing with titans.

Titans hate fast block coins

Some pools have special ports and or settings for KNC Titans

easy to test if it is the equip or the pool

see if you can get it to run on

if you have trouble with that pool as well you can contact me here and I’ll read

off my settings…but it should be straight forward

if it works on lightcoinpool…then you have pool issues and need to contact them on a fix

if you mention KNC Titan in such instances they usally never reply :slight_smile: (kinda kidding but not really)

again depends on what you want to do…knc titans hate fast block new coins

anyway see if it works on lightcoin pool and/or contact the pool makers you use above

or punt to

if it does not work as a test of equip on litecoinpool remake the SD card with a new one
use class 10 imho I use san disk 8gb class 10 sandisks…most troubles can be fixed
with a new SD image imho

anyway probably missed the boat on what you need here …but off the top of my head