KnC Titan Miner Repair

Hi Guys,

Is there anyone in Europe who does repairs on miners from KnC? I have a Titan Miner batch 1 and I need to get it back up and running. The LCD screen doesn’t show anything but a blank screen and only 3 of the 4 cubes seems to have power to them and none of them is hashing. Problem started when I decided to reboot the system - no configurations were changed (the 4th cube was already out of commission before the reboot).

If you know of someone in Europe who can do the repairs I would appreciate their contact info. Thanks!

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Hi Alexander. I know people that perhaps could help you, if we cannot fix it here on the forum. Where in Europe is the Titan?

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Disconnect all cubes and apply power only to the controllerboard. If you power it up, the green HD light (SDcard) on the raspberry pi should start flashing, showing that it is booting. If it doesn’t your SD card is probably corrupt. Download the 2.00 image (you can update it later) and write it with a SDcard writer. Then try again, still no go, try with another raspberry.
When it boots, connect one cube at a time and see which one works and which don’t.
I live in the netherlands.

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Could be a controller failure. Happened to me after a restart, everything was working fine rebooted and nothing came back up.

Found a guy on the old forums that could repair or replace controller boards, picked one up off him and the titans fired up straight away. (He was in USA but shipped to UK no problem)

Can’t find his contact info though, maybe someone on here knows who I’m talking about.

Lightfoot on

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Yep. Probably the controller. Unplug all the cubes, see if the controller comes up (display works and green light is on the controller’s side by the display). If there is a white flash, the controller needs the FPGA and TMS chips swapped, I can do this.

And yes, I can ship to and from the EU or anywhere.

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Hi, I seem to be having the problem you described with my controller: the restart would progress as far as showing “KnCminer Spinux”. Then there would be a white flash every few seconds, but the restart would go no further. Do you think my controller needs the FPGA and TMS chips swapped. If so, how do I get the board shipped over to you for the repair. Thank you.

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Possibly Does it do this with all the ribbon cables disconnected from the cubes? If so I’ll send my shipping address, send it over and I can probably fix it.

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OK, please send me the address and I will send you my Titan cubes for repair.

Yes, it does this with all the ribbon cables disconnected. I’d be grateful if you would send me your shipping address.

Will do. Send it on in.

I have 24 Titan cubes to sell total hashing power 1100mh/s. Urgent Moving in a small apartment downtown.


In the meantime people just keep on sending Titans in for fixing. Latest repairs included a board that had a burned plug (fixed, all dies working) and a totally dead board with a short on pin 8.

Which usually means a die blew up, but in a way that you can isolate it from the rest of the board. Normally it takes awhile to figure out which die is bad, but in this case the scorch marks under the board narrowed down the options a bit. It’s back to hashing on 3 dies, so a pretty good success.

Brings up a point: If your Titan cube is running 48C or higher the heat sink is loose, stop mining and fix this. Normally the heat sink compound KNC used was stuff that dried rock solid; if the cube gets jarred the compound literally crasks like ceramic and it won’t conduct heat. So you have to remove the sink, clean off all the old compound with a plastic spoon and isopropyl alcohol on a paper towel, then when totally clean put some new compound on (I like the Artic Cool stuff myself) on the die and on the heat sink bottom (clean that too first) then put it back on and tighten the bolts down.

Then I like to do a little wiggle of the heat sink to see if it can rotate a bit. If it moves even a little on the die it’s not snug enough; you can’t torque it down further but you can buy 3 very small washers, put them on each bolt, then carefully snug them down until it won’t move with some torque force on the sink. That’s tight enough.

Another think I like to do is take one of those rubber things (there are two under the board) and move it to between the top two bolts to support the front of the die. Otherwise if you tighten too far you get a taco board and not good heat sink contact.

Anyway, back to fixing things.

Hello Lightfoot. I also probably have a controller that does not work anymore. Do you still repair Titan controllers?

Yes. I saw your post, I’m guessing your controller baseboard has a bad FPGA. Try logging in as root then entering

io-pwr init

See what comes back.


i live in france and i got problem with 2 knc titan cube

one doesn’t work, i think it is a capacitor

and one have dead die

can you report that and can i send only mother board

what is price for repair


Bonne Soir!

I can take a look at the boards, sending only the mother board is ok. When you plug them into the controller does the green light come on when you start it up?


I have a Titan, which shows that the connection miner API failed, with no white light, but can enter the interface of KNCminer. Next, how to contact you for maintenance thank you!

If you don’t get a white light followed by green then the controller needs repair. Send it in and I will work on fixing it.


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Can you recieve it by post to the above address?