KnC Titan Miner for sale

Hi everyone,
i would like to sell knc titan miner.
Unfortuneatly while ago, board has been burned i caninot tell what is condition of cubes ( before accident 3 of 4 was working with 100% performance and 1 of 4 with 50%performance and power consuption ).

Currently i don’t know run it again so i am selling it.
If someone is interested in buying, please let me know. I am strongly open for negotiation.

I believe that if you get new board or you alredy have still you can get good performance.

If anyone, know how to check if hardware still works, please let know i am open for suggestions.


Have you considered repairing it? Lightfoot can most likely fix this for you.

See this thread:

I can take a look at it. What burned and how, got any pictures?

If my word means anything (legendary on Bitcointalk) I can vouch for lightfoot…he does good work and only charges
you if he can fix the stuff. IF not you can get a cube board like me back and use it for desk art.

(note: I have a shot cube…so it is now happily a doorstop paperweight in the office…it’s cute but dead as a rock)

anyway someday I will use it to tell tales of how I got rich using it and others with crypto (I hope) :slight_smile:

Lightfoot also has FREE SD card software to use an old knc btc jupiter miner or knc btc neptune miners beagle bone

black mini computer rather then the knc titan raspberry PI to run your setup

they are easier to find 4 and 6 port controllers with the old disconintued knc btc miners and thus a great

work around for a spare controller

anyway just a plug for lightfoot and some angles


How much would you be willing to sell one cube for? I would potentially be interested.

Where abouts are you in the world?

Everything looks normal, cubes and board does look like they were damaged, maybe a little bit smokes from cabels which has been set on fire.
I am able to switch on board, and lights are blinking however display doesnt show anything, like also there is no communication with miner via web.
SD card seems to be ok as well, i’ve been trying to reinstall soft but it didint helped.
Can i contact you directly to provide some more details ?

I am located in Poland. Can you contact me directly according to price discussion ?

Hm. If the white light does not come on, then off, then maybe on again then off then green at the end something is wrong with the controller or the cubes. Unplug all the cubes from the controller, take off the display, then power just the controller up. See if you get a green light on the side after a bright white light.

If not controller is bad and maybe Pi is bad. If the three little green lights on the Pi bridgeboard do not come on then the Pi or bridgeboard is bad too. Send it in.

If the light on the side is green, then controller is good. Power down, plug one cube in (make sure you plug the 10 pin cable in the right way!) power up and see if the green light is on. If not cube needs work. Repeat.

I have a few spare controllers here courtesy of another member I can sell you one and send it out if you send your old one in.


Acording to your explenation i believe that i will need new board, i’ve turned it on and there was no bright white ligth which were usually there, however i have green light on raspeberry pi so maybe at least this one works.
I’ve made some pictures to summarize situation.

Well that’s not hard to fix. PM me and I’ll tell you how to send it in for repair.

Oh, one last thing to try before sending it in: Remove the display and see if the light comes on and off then on green. It’s always possible the display went bad.