KNC Titan Miner (broken) for sale

Hi everyone,
i would like to sell knc titan miner.
Unfortunately while ago, there was a spark which burned power supply cables, cannot tell what is condition of cubes ( before accident 3 of 4 was working with 100% performance and 1 of 4 with 50%performance and power consuption ).

Right now board is working, i am able enter to miner via web administration panel and cube coolers seems to work as well, yet even if everything is connected cubes are not recognised and cannot be found.

Probably it can be fixed(i have received offer for that from user lightfoot) , yet i am not longer interested in mining business, so i just want sell this hardware.
If someone is interested in buying, please let me know. Due to rather unknown state of equipment price is strongly negotiable.

If you know i quickly check condition or would like get some picture or something please let me know i will do what i can.


how much >I more then likely can’t afford it right now just bought a L3 plus but gotta ask .

Hard to say, it would be nice to get 300-350 $ per cube if it work it still one of the best miners on the market