Knc miner board Repair

hi guys we have a bitcoin miner but the board is damaged. no one here can repair it. we sent it in Sweden to get fixed is there anyone who can suggest someone who can fix it for us? we are ready for transactions. just send your quotations on my other email

thanks in advance

what is wrong with the board? missing diodes capacitors? or just doesn’t turn on…is the board fried at all or any of the printed circuits coming off? there are a lot of people who can fix PCB but knowing the problem before hand is what will make or break the worthiness of the board bring repaired…I have two gridseed boards that only need a new barrel connector so it is worth it but id throw it away if there were any more wrong with it because its cheaper to just buy a new one than it is for the parts and repair…

Is it a Titan board? I fix those, is it a burned connector, or something like that?

first the board lcd doesn’t display anything. then we tried to check the web gui. the gui shows that there are no miner’s online so meaning we can’t detect the miners. we already tried to change the cables but still there are no progress. do you live in sweden?

hi :slight_smile: what is the prize of the new PCB ?

Sounds like a bad controller FPGA. I live in the US, but I can ship world wide. If you send in the old board for repair I can fix it and send it on back to you repaired.


Did you want me to send you a new board? Price is 6ltc+shipping (international is usually another ltc) with return of the old one as a core.

Shipping address for the old board is:
Lightfoot Labs
PO Box 8791
Elkridge MD 21075

lightfoot, I have 2 board that doesn’t not
Can you help? 3 kube titans mot doesn van help ?

Sure. Ill pm you