Kiss ! keep it simple stupid!

:scream::scream: Are you a holder of Litecoin? Are you satisfied of the amount of litecoin you have ? Do you really believe that someday litecoin will be on top of the chart like all the biggy crypto currency?? Do you believe that litecoin has a 75/25 chance to survive the onslaught of trolls–non believers. Is litecoin a centralized or noncentralize peer to peer crypto currency? Can anyone hack litecoin itself? To me litecoin is not silver to bitcoin. It is a diamond in a rough! Think positive and do yourself a favor–stick it into a hardwallet and go take a vacation for couple of years. Aloha!

Well I’ve been trying to live your dream since nov 2014 when I first got my Titan…thru the dark times of crummy 1.80 LTC in 2015…I held a lot…finally folded and cashed it all in on BTC in 2015…have tried to hold up to 1000 LTC at a time since off and on …waiting for some kinda of sensible ltc to btc silver to gold connection …but ultimately bail to BTC
thus watched the ratio of LTC to BTC go from 0.1 ltc to btc to its current 0.0035 or so ratio…so in hindsight bailing to btc was he right move at this point in time with the info I had in the past to go buy …ack! 0.0035 rato…ick!

thus I dump it to BTC asap from my titan miners…and continue to watch the price go sideways and the ratio shrink
compared to btc for xfers

there are just too many other coins to ‘speculate’ with and just following BTC framework with nothing else innovative is
just not gonna cut it anymore…in its former ltc spectulative china miners like it niche…them days are gone imho

looking like litecoin and maybe all pow scrypt coins are going the way of the dodo

now X11 coins have the cheerleaders and miners etc of those coins…right or wrong…the bets are moving
away to other coins…again ltc is losing its speculators and holders for its edge

the coin needs some other hook/dev improvements/something?

So anyway my bet has worked well moving LTC to BTC over the years esp with BTC now at 1275 usd today

but I try to hold …last bunch I moved was 600 LTC to btc at 1200 btc. a week or so back…I could not even believe I was moving LTC to
BTC as that price.1200 usd btc…sheesh…buy at the high figured I’d screwed myself…but again seems to be the right

LONG TERM move anyway…holding LTC in this crypto environment does not make sense

indeed if I wanted to gamble I’d mine my titans (stable on ltc pools) and convert via shapeshift ltc to dash
if I really wanted to speculate on coin price going up

but LTC to BTC seems to be the way to go from my 20/20 hindsight from about 2015 till now…the last time
I was a true 8k LTC BTC whale

give me a reason to hoard I will do so…but again If I’d done so since 2015 etc waiting on an LTC pump and or the 0.1 ltc to btc ratio to come back *which would be $12.75 usd LTC now… I’d a be
a crying now on such a displaced hope from the past :frowning:

my 2ltc’s worth

(people mining dash on baikal miners at 900mh ar laughing their ass off reading this, at least now…but
who’d a thunk pre-mined to the max Dash would pump rather then Litecoin?)

again I know zip but how I’ve played this so far …waiting on the sidelines for a REASON to be an LTC whale
again…but no calls to the majors from devs …so I still sit on the bench in the dugout …unused and forgotten :frowning:

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Hmmmm thinking about what your saying!! Well, what I did, is that I purchased Litecoin and have a cap on the amount I purchased. the rest went into bitcoin. I just feel that in the past all coins had there difficulty, and ther ups and downs. I think we hit a threshold on all these coins, and Litecoin–Bitcoin are stablized of many other coins. There program is concrete in the sense of what coin were made for. One to purchase bigger transactions and another to buy coffee at Starbucks. Well Im a Starbuck boycotter. I prefer non political coffee. Hang in there, and if you still have Litecoin, hardwallet it and enjoy the show. :sunglasses: