Key performance indicators

Where can I find stats like number of transactions (ideally split by trading vs. actual purchases), number of merchants etc.

I haven’t seen this anywhere else on the forum, and I am interested in understanding how well adopted Litecoin is. Also any view on upcoming events that could drive greater adoption would be useful.

Thanks everyone block explorer / transaction explorer merchants

also other info available at

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Thanks - any idea how I can use the block explorer to display stats over time?

you can use ip address’ in some block explorers…might be best solution for that…try a “veiw only” wallet maybe? a lot of times you can import any address to some online wallets and save it as a watch only… you can only view and not interfere with the wallet…

it’s great idea to save it as a watch

You’re not able to tell if Litecoin was sent between two wallets of the same holder, traded or used in a purchase without additional knowledge - such as the customer accounts of Coinbase.

However, you can check and see there was about $250 million in volume over the past 24 hours

any block explorer shows all transactions for any address typed in the box…blockcypher in particular is a very good way to trace blockchain transactions using API… also has an API to track/trace transactions using IP address, public address, or transaction ids

actually you can open console in core wallet and use that to trace the balance of any wallet…type importaddress (followed by address) and you will se it as a watch only address in your wallet

you can also type getbalance (followed by any address) and it will show the the available amount in that address…try it