Keep track of Litecoin price in Excel and Google Sheets

If you use spreadsheets (Excel or Google Sheets) to manage your crypto portfolio, do check out Finsheet (finsheet dot io), a website my friends and I started recently. To get latest quote of Litecoin, use this one simple function:


If you are a trader that needs intra-day data to do technical analysis or backtesting, this function will give you 1-minute price of Litecoin from the beginning of today (04/25/2022) until now:

=FS_CryptoCandles(“COINBASE:LTC-USD”, “1”, “04/25/2022”)

The website is completely free right now since we just launched. Really appreciate if you guys can check it out and let me know any feedback you may have. Thanks a lot.

I know you are a legitimate user and wants to promote your business. The key point to this here at litecointalk is not to create more topics, but rather have one with good visibility. So you can use one topic to spread more info about your service and ppl will find out.