Just saying hello

New here and I like the vibe. Hello everyone :slight_smile:



Hi, new here, but not new in Litecoin since 2016, hop to learn and maybe help if i can

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Hello. If you want to do business, send me a direct message.

Hello and welcome.

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Hi there! New to LTC or just the forum?

Hi! Nice to meet you! :grinning:

What business you offering

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hey there. my first post

I’m a software developer. I can write assembly code, develop websites and desktop applications. If you need something like that, let me know and I’ll help you.

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Hi everyone ! My first post. In LTC since 2019 ))


Hi welcome to the group. Hope you find your way round ok. Good luck in your trading journey, look forward to hearing how you get on.


I take it Litecoin is some form Of edible graphite banana’s?

Hello, I am new here , where do i see forum rules ?

You can find the forum T&C’s here.

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Most welcome to join the community!

Hello from me too.