Just encrypted, but not asking password

I just encrypted the 14.2 wallet on Win10-64. After putting in the password twice, it said it would restart. I saw something popup about seed words, but never got a chance to enter them. Now, the Settings->Encrypt Wallet is greyed out. I can start the wallet and see my balance without entering a password. Is this normal?

core wallets don’t use seed words unless you are creating an HD wallet

but yes this is normal
you only need a password to spend coins…not to view them
anyone can see every coin balance ever on any block explorer by typing in the transaction id or the public address…private keys are the only way to steal coins and even then you need a spending password to send them (as long as the wallet is encrypted like yours)

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no need for seed yet, HD wallets are not implemented on LTC (as far as I know)

Don’t forget your Passphrase, you will be asked when it counts, right before you try to send coins out of your wallet.