Jaxx wallet is adding Litecoin

See the twitter post here:


how can i know when start?

They support Litecoin now. Simply download the app and select Litecoin as your currency.

Is that what you mean? If not, please specify your question. I will be happy to help.

Do u have the link and do u believe its a Nice investiment

You can find the Jaxx wallet by searching in the iOS app store, or in the Google play store on Android.

This ( https://jaxx.io/ ) is the link for the Jaxx website.

Jaxx is not an investment. It is a free software wallet for storing cryptocurrencies.

Hi Pablocality,

to clarify we now can use Jaxx wallet to collectively gather all the other wallets we might have used on other platforms such as coinbase, bitcoin,…etc?? By doing so we only need 1 software wallet instead of multiple kind of apps/software, right?

Another good news!!!

Hello Kryptomax,

I should mention I am not associated with Jaxx at all. I am not an expert either.

As far as I know, Jaxx is a wallet for storing multiple types of cryptocurrencies and tokens. The currently supported ones are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Eth, Dao, Dash, Etc, Rep, Zec, Rsk. These can all be found in the settings of the Jaxx app.
Jaxx makes it possible to backup multiple wallets using a single backup phrase. It somehow uses the BIP32 technology to accomplish this. I do not understand the technological specifics of it.

I have tested out Jaxx with some Litecoins, and it works well for me. I do not vouch for the security of the platform though. But, it seems like quite a few people like it and feel that it is secure. At the least, it is a real company with a real face behind the product. Anthony Di Iorio is the CEO.

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