Issue solved. My mistake

Hi, a few days ago I bought 4.1 LTC and sent it to 3 different addresses in my Litecoin Core Wallet. After a while I received all 4.1 coins in my wallet. I’ve opened the Litecoin Core wallet today and it says 0 LTC! I still know the addresses I sent it to, but I don’t see them in my wallet. How can I fix this? The’re not gone are they?? :((
Thanks for helping!

Can you see the transactions, or no transactions at all?

It shows no recent transactions on the dashboard and no transactions on the Transactions tab :frowning:

Sorry Akke! I found it. I used 2 wallets. I sent it to Jaxx in stead of the Litecoin Core wallet. Sorry, my mistake. Pfffff… sometimes you don’t remember where you sent all your different coins to. I’m glad I found them though! :slight_smile:

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