Is this Airdrop a scam or legit?

Saw this on telegram, is this genuine?
I have removed the link.

New LTC Airdrop Round 3:
Reward: 1 LTC ($70)
0.1 LTC ($7) for per referral

— referral link removed —

:small_blue_diamond: Join their Telegram Group
:small_blue_diamond: Follow their Telegram Channel
:small_blue_diamond:Submit your details to the airdrop bot.

:red_circle:Airdrop will end on 16th February & then distribution date will be announced

I would guess NO.

Seriously… no one’s going around giving out free money.

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Yea but thats the thing, I have done airdrops and received amounts similar to that.

But recently I have not seen these work within last 2 years via payouts and/or not being a scam…a few years back sure…now…er not so much IMHO.