Is there a litecoin world map?

Where can I find a map that shows places that accept litecoin?

For example, coinmap shows bitcoin places:

I have found the peercointalk map, that almost shows litecoin shops:

It is possible to select “litecoin” on the right, but the map functionality does not seem to work properly.

Update: found great Litecoin price report. used to have Litecoin locations until the administrator got rid of Litecoin support over lack of Litecoin donations to the website.

I will fork Coinmap to support Litecoin soon, or may add map functionality to

Others may know about maps that show Litecoin locations, but I think adding it to might be a better idea.


Looking forward for that!

The source code for the project is found here:

Thank you, I’m going to start work when I get back from vacation.