Is litecoin supported by ledger nano S yet?

The Ledger Nano S is supposed to support litecoin.

But I can not find any information about litecoin on the ledger home page:

When selecting the nano S on the page there is bitcoin and ethereum wallet software, but no litecoin.

Is litecoin supported by, or is that still work in progress?


Ledger have just released litecoin support for the Nano-S:

Download the ledger manager chrome store app to update the device to the latest firmware to install litecoin:

Ledger are doing away with the separate wallet apps but currently in order to access the litecoin wallet just download the bitcoin wallet and select litecoin on the device.

Hope this helps.

That is good, but visibility at is just as important as the possibility to use litecoin.

Having litecoin listed along with bitcoin and ethereum at will bring new users to litecoin.

Agreed, but Ledger are going to create a single chrome app for all wallets so they should changing their website when that’s out.
If they haven’t got litecoin support listed currently on the website I’ll give them a reminder.

It is not possible to select the ledger manager app from the page.

The link provided above works as it should, but clicking “Install app manager” on the ledgerwallet page does nothing when using chrome.