Is Litecoin a scam?

I was sent litecoin to my Litecoin Core wallet but cannot do anything with them. It just sits in my transaction and wont syncwith the network. I advise anyone to think long and hard about investing!

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Is Litecoin a scam?


I advise anyone to think long and hard about investing!

The only one here with the issue is you.


Ouch, did I hit a nerve.
I have tried reaching out to Litecoin for help but get nothing.

My experience tells me that crypto and esp Litecoin is a scam. Sorry if I offend you.


As bitcoin core, syncing is a long and tedious process but Litecoin is not as big and time consuming process. If you don’t know what you are doing, please use electrum-ltc ou litewallet.

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My coins have been sent to my wallet are in my transactions but as my wallet won’t sync I can do anything with them, which is why I believe crypto/LC is a scam. The reason for my post is make people who are thinking of investing in crypto aware of the problems. If I invest in traditional stocks etc I have some recourse. With crypto there is none and as such I have lost my investment.

By posting in a forum full of people for whom it works?

Then go and invest there. Will you have buyers remorse again when you discover stocks are an overpriced transfer of wealth from shareholders to directors?

No. You stuffed up and rather then asking for help the right way…

I have spent the last 3 months trying to get help but believe it or not, nobody has been able to provide any assistance including Litecoin and Litecoin Core and this is why I have come to the conclusion crypto is a scam. I understand my negativity may be a problem to crypto fans but from my experience the whole process is flawed. I’m sorry my opinion doesn’t match yours but you no what they say about opinions!!

do you know you can check the transaction id without syncing the full blockchain?


If you are having trouble making your wallet synch it is probably because you do not have the entire blockchain downloaded into your core wallet. If you have a very slow internet it could take forever. You have many wallets you could use that do not need a copy of the blockchain. There is Electrum, Ledger device with Ledger Live app, Trezor device with Trezor suite, etc. You can import your private keys into another wallet to access your coins. I have mined Litecoin for years and used all the wallets mentioned with no problems. If you try you will solve your problem, but not if you tell a whole community their coin is a scam.


They are a small operation. They do not have time to engage in hand holding*.

FWIW I use Litecoin Core client. It works.

*Comments like this get you nowhere:

I might have helped you if you had a different approach.

If you done your research you would have known LTC has been around for a long time and is up there with BTC for credibility.

On the subject of “scams” go have a look on YT what is happening in the dog themed s***coin space.


If you are too dumb to know how to change the tire on your car does that mean automobiles are a scam? Don’t be an idiot.


He must be a interloper from the Telegram fud forum. Having the same moderators on multiple forums breeds such nonsense. LTC has zero downtime, the second most available coin, Mimblewimble is coming soon along with Flare and OmniLite. LTC has worked great for me, not one issue, for years.

Well, is crypto a scam? I’d say no. Are financial markets a scam? I’d also say no. Is exchanging chickens for goats a scam? hmmm no… are financial transactions of any kind a scam? I’d say no as well… things are worth what people are willing to pay for them, but value can also be manipulated.

Would you say that you were scammed if you invested 100 and got in return 1.000? I bet not.

Then you are a scammer your self.

There is a recourse for crypto. You open an account with Gemini, tell them you want them to be custodian for you because you don’t like to be responsible for your private keys. They will charge about 1% a year for safe insured crypto. Or you could learn how to buckle your belt and wear your big boy pants.

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As far as I remember, Litecoin has been on the cryptocurrency market for 10 years. It’s a shame that people are poorly versed in the topic and write false reviews.


Just use Electrum-Ltc wallet, no sync, because it uses SPV.

So that is not a proof for scam as long as misconfig of your wallet, Name the wallet. Or the address was wrong etc.

NO, i do not think Litecoin is a scam. i think it is positioned to grow significantly in the future with the decentralised finance model of trading.


Litecoin is not a scam I have been mining LTC for 4 years LTC is BTC’S little brother.

If you are unsure how to manage your own crypto and are afraid of losing it or misplacing it then please keep it with an exchange that has coverage for your crypto under your government. For example coin base is covered under the similar insurance as the banks in the U.S.

Beware The saying still goes,… not your keys not your crypto.