Is Litecoin A Registered Business in USA?


Please advise if Litecoin is a registered company/business in the USA?


don’t think so, but the association it is register…

Litecoin is not a business. It is a payment method. You have to learn to use it, and ask questions here.


So are Visa or MasterCard or DiscoverCard or any other payment method/s but they are all registered and operate under an entity, so why not Litecoin?

LItecoin is software that runs on computers. There is mining software that can be downloaded and run. The miners (users of mining software) confirm transactions with a mining reward. There is wallet software that you can use to keep your Litecoins, and do transactions (send and receive). There is no company involved, and everybody can download the miner to confirm Litecoin transactions, and/or the wallet to do transactions.