Is it worth investing in cryptocurrencies, how much to invest and how to technically do it? (Answered)


I’ve made a couple of videos about Litecoin and cryptocurrencies in general. There will be a third one where I will show You how You can open up a account and start buying cryptocurrencies.

Here is the link to the the first video:
Is it worth investing in Bitcoin? Benefits of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies Part 1

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If you have some free time on your hands research into it a lot of places are starting to except crypto as a payment method which is always a good sign. Samsungs new phone has its own crypto wallet built in, so yeah crypto is the future it’s just knowing what to buy.

It’s worth it, however, the amount depends of what you can afford

I am speculating little by little, including lightcoin as well. I will not say that this is an investment. This is more short-term - I buy cheap, I sell expensive.

I have high profits on Netbox coin. And it’s still the right time to invest in. The coin has lots of usefulness and already performed excellently ever since it listing.

You can research first on where to buy yours. Also, you should check where you can spend the crypto you want to invest in. The rates are unstable so its best to invest when the price lowers.

Do you think cryptos will stay for the long-term? If yes, wouldn’t it be regulated by governments to prevent illegal activities?

I’m not sure about the government but I think as long as people use cryptos it won’t shut down. Especially bitcoin. Also, cryptos aren’t solely used for criminal activities. It’s just like any other currency except that it’s digital. Cryptos can be used in a bunch of places physical and online.

Check this link I read in the past. It’s about common misconceptions on cryptos.

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Here you can learn how to transfer coins (including Litecoin) from Coinbase to Kraken. Believe me, one day you will need this information :smile:

Thanks for sharing this valuable info with us.