Is it too late for me to start investing in Litecoin?

A lot of people are asking this question so thought to answer this.

Most altcoins are currently lagging behind BTC, but at least over the last 24 hours, they’re catching up. If LTC reaches the LTC: BTC ratio it had the last time crypto peaked a couple of years ago, it would be in the $800-900 range. You’ll see a lot of people saying its “theoretical” upper limit based on scarcity is 1/4 the price of BTC, but that figure doesn’t necessarily hold any merit.

It’s also had a number of meaningful tech upgrades over the past few years and will have others soon (see atomic swaps, MimbleWimble), among other good “fundamentals.”

There’s a bit of a stain on it since its creator “sold out at the top” last time, but that’s a misconception. He sold at barely half the peak price, and having the main developer fully divested from the coin should give people MORE trust in the coin, not less.

In my personal opinion, it’s never too late to invest in crypto. The entire segment is on fire and has been for a long time. Good luck!


I wouldn’t put the LTC vs BTC comparison, for purposes of valuation, aside so quickly. Valuation often requires a comparable asset. Scarcity, particularly if one is making the gold comparison, would be a part of the fundamental analysis. I don’t know if 1BTC=4LTC is necessarily correct, but it’s not something to breeze by either.