Is It Safe to Have a Generated Public Address?


I haven’t looked into how to make a cold Litecoin wallet, but have read the guide for BTC.

I’m planning on hodling LTC for the long-term one day, but well. . . tbh, cold wallets seem so scary.

The addresses are uber long, and if you get one character wrong, you’ll end up sending your stash into oblivion. . .

Then there’s the passcode. It’s easy enough to make multiple copies of the wallet file, but a strong passcode is cumbersome to store since you can’t really trust it on digital data. You’ll have to keep it in notebooks.

So if i create a wallet then screenshot the generated addresses, is it safe? If someone gets a hold of the screenshot, does it put my private key / wallet / passcode in any danger?

your private key is the part you need to keep secret…your public key is what people send coin to and you spend it with your private key…if you don’t know how to use regular downloadable wallets and how to send receive and store your keys then I’d recommend staying far away form cold storage…and just stick with core wallets and backups for now…

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