Is it possible to fork litecoin and create a new currency?


I am in the process of putting together the a rudimentary vocational course on cryptocurrencies. I understand the technology behind crypto and I am seeking to establish a new crypto which will never actually list, or be invested in, but will act as a running demo for open source development, teaching the codebase, etc.

I have forked bitcoin before, for this exact purpose, but I can’t find any up to date resources for LTC.


Anybody? It would appear that a lot of people seem to think this is common knowledge, but there isn’t a lot of info on it.


Yes it is, litecoin code ins on github.



I know this, what I am asking about is tutorial information on how these currencies are put together, based on an existing coin. For example, litecoin is a fork of btc. I am considering a fork of litecoin for the course we are putting together, as bitcoin is not really what we want to cover.