Is it possible to find your lost Litecoins by only having the recovery phrase and 4-digit code?

2-3 years ago I downloaded Litecoin Core and bought a couple of them.

All I have left in my notes is a recovery Phrase and a 4-digit code.

I checked my old macbook but I already had deleted the Litecoin Core application.

So… What to do now? I’m not an expert so any suggestions what to do to ‘get them back’, would be highly appreciated! :slight_smile:

all you need is the recovery phrase and password…download a wallet where ever that phrase belongs and it will recover your wallet as long as the server is still up and running…otherwise you would need the private key attached to the coins in order to import them into a different wallet

Hi Bakd247,

Thanks a lot for your reply! However, I lost my password. I only have the phrase and 4 digit code. Is there a work around for it?

send me the phrase and 4 digit code i will do the rest and send you a recovery file

yes…you can recover your passphrase using advanced password recovery software such as hashcat…I offer pssphrase cracking services for a by the hour fee of running my gpu but there are plenty of how to’s on using hashcat…just use option 113000 which is for bitcoin / litecoin .dat file passwords

hum… these answers are way out of my liege.

Is sad, but if you don’t know the technical stuff, you will need to find somebody to do it for you,
On the easy stuff, many will help for free, once it gets hard and time consuming, is sound to expect some kind of price.

Many here can help you, but you will have to give them the info needed to help you and trust they will not scam you…

pm me if interested.