Is it good time to invest in Litecoin

Price of Litecoin is unstable, so bit confuse about investing in Litecoin. Is it good time to invest?


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Sure it is, if you havent started anywhere, CoinBase is a nice starting spot. Very easy to buy bitcoins or litecoins from them.

Use this referral link below to get started. For every $100 you spend on bitcoin or litecoin you will receive an additional $10 for free. A nice starting bonus.

Good luck!

Once I figure the wallet system out for business type uses I will be promoting LTC in the Utah region. I think it has potential to hit 1K just like ETH did.

LTC had a higher price before than today. It’s the thing I’m scared of.

I agree with @coinlite. Start with a fraction of what you plan to invest (an amount that is okay for you to lose). You will have some left if the price drops and you won’t feel as much regret if the price keeps going up.