Install litecoind ubuntu digitalocean for personal system

I wish to install litecoind , just like bitcoind, to avoid using third party services.
However, I have no luck finding documentation.
What I find, asks me to run this command which I cant find file

make -j4 -f makefile.unix USE_UPNP=

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you need to map your ports using Universal plug and play (UPnP) …its just asking if you want to use UPnP or not with the makefile…maybe try make -j4 -f makefile.unix USE_UPNP=1 or =true (just learning linux myself so I hope this helps) and make sure you are allowing incoming connections if you have a firewall installed

in my experience if you got something to work with bitocin…its the same way in litecoin…just change any bitcoin in the code to litecoin…

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where did you get the “makefile.unix” file?
fom: make -j4 -f makefile.unix USE_UPNP=1

I downloaded litecoin straight from github and cant find that file…

Similar to bitcoind, just have not finished gettint it up and running.

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