Install litecoincore after pc format !! ???

yes the expected day has come and my disk space is full !!
I bought a new disk for my computer and I will format it, the critical problem is; ??
How can I back up a litecoincore wallet back to a new computer under the most healthy conditions. Can you please explain this in the right steps. ???
thanks in advance

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Why don’t you use the new drive as a 2nd drive and move most of your non-ltc files to it leaving your litecoincore to run as usual on the original drive?

1.rst Save up all keys, have them on a save place.

There is a file, called wallet.dat. It’s usually inside the following folder:

LINUX: ~/.litecoin
WINDOWS: %AppData%\.litecoin

That is the file you must preserve in order to save your private keys. Look for more guides on how to backup your wallet.dat file.

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