Innosilicon, the leader of mining ASIC manufacter, will recruit some distributors

Innosilicon, the worldwide leader of cryptocurrency mining ASIC manufacter, have launched A4 LTC Dominator, A4+ LTCMaster, A5 DashMaster and A6 LTCMaster, which all take a very strong leadership role in corresponding field. Take dash project for example; it is 3 times better than other dash miners. When A6 LTCMaster is a nnounced, it is the World first GH LTC Miner. Innosilicon is happy to offer best mining competitive advantage, fabulous resell values, lower operating cost, higher ROI and longevity in all conditions.

In the past few years, Innosilicon’s miner business has made rapid progress with many thanks to all the love and support from our customers! At the same time, due to the rapid expansion, the members of our sales team cannot keep up with the progress. As last resort, we raised the minimum order quantity for all of our products. By no means have we forgotten about our small and medium-sized customers! Our future development needs the continued support of all our customers. In order to better serve our large number of small and medium-sized customers, we will recruit a group of distributors around the world. From our joint efforts, we can better support the vast number of customers with more timely and individualized service, working towards the betterment of cryptocurrency.
While we will continue to develop and produce miners, quality control and other aspects of the work, we will increase support to distributors, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Give distributors a competitive price discount
  2. Provide local market development strategy, tactical planning guidance and reference views
  3. Local retail customer information sharing
  4. Provide free technical personnel training
  5. Free accessories and spare parts
  6. Return of sales at the end of the year
  7. Timely information sharing of the industry

The ideal distributor should have the following advantages and qualifications:

  1. Willing to work with Innosilicon to develop the local market
  2. With a certain amount of capital strength
  3. In the local region (please indicate the ability to cover the country and region) have distribution network and sales staff
  4. With full-time technical services and/or customer service personnel

If you are willing to grow with Innosilicon and meet the above conditions, please contact us. Please provide: your organization’s basic information, contact information…etc. Comprehensive information will help us make decisions as soon as possible. For more information, please contact us at

Thank you and god bless!

Innosilicon Marketing Team



1、 给予分销商有竞争性的价格折让
2、 提供当地市场开拓战略及战术计划指导及参考性意见
3、 当地零售客户信息的分享
4、 提供免费的技术人员培训
5、 免费的配件和备件
6、 年底销售量的返点
7、 行业和产业前瞻性信息分享

1、 愿意和INNOSILICON合作共同开拓当地的市场
2、 具有一定的资金实力
3、 在当地(请注明能够覆盖的国家和区域)有分销网络和销售人员
4、 具有专职的技术服务和(或)客服人员