Innosilicon a4+ ltcmaster (Help)

Help to deal with a mistake please. Excuse for my English.

I am a beginner. I have updated it. Ten minutes later the mistake appears.

go to and ask on the innsilicon A4 forum…if I had to guess you have it clocked too high…and it is too hot to run…ask their for proper settings

again…guessing…others on here?

but more folk with A4 can help you on the A4 forums on search under altcoins mininig and A4 or do a google search innsilicon A4 and see if a a proper thread or too comes up

good luck I’d leave it off …they also may be able to get your fan speed up to 100% that looks low
at 50%

again my guesses…but best place to go I think for more info…a better english speaker to read thru bitcointalk may also help…may be tech speak to them in your language…but you probably can figure it out better after the fact in you native language even if your translator is clueless on the asic tech speak

good luck


please close. it’s ok