Innosilicon A4 Dominator Scrypt Miner Not Working

Is there anybody with some experience on the Innosilicon A4 Dominator Scrypt Miner.
I have one, but it is not connecting to the network.
When I try to access the miner’s real time monitoring, it gives me the following error message:

When you full in your connection information and restart your miner, you will see this screen for about 5 minutes after your restart while the miner is Connecting. Assumeing your put in valid information, it will eventually connect.

If you’re seeing it for more than 10 minutes then I would double check that you entered in the pool URL, username, and password correctly.

I would try connecting to first since that one is the most reliable.

Thanks, I have been mining on, but then all of a sudden the miner stopped mining.
When I tried to access the miner itself to verify that the chips are actually running in real time monitoring, i could not access it.
It keeps giving me that error message

Are the red lights on the back of the machine on? If so, your miner is probably alright but you are having network issues. Not uncommon, reboot the whole machine (unplug, wait a bit, plug back in) and see if it comes back on the network.

What is your network setup like? Like your modem and router?

If you plan on mining for a long term with this machine, it’s worth looking into upgrading the firmware on the machine. Find info on that from Innosilicon:

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So at one time the red lights weren’t even flashing

Then with some basic unplugging and replugging I managed to get the red lights to blink again.

Now the red lights are on (no blinking), but my litecoinpool account still shows no hashrate.

I am going to update the SD card and then see if that might solve the problem. I am basically shooting in the dark here…

Is there a certain arrangement/order how the miner should be plugged into the raspberry pi?

Get a new SD card to do this, keep the one you have with the firmware you have.

I don’t know if no blinking is right, I forget but as long as all are on you should be OK. I had an issue where one of the lights wasn’t coming on on a tube but power cycling seemed to fix it.

Usually power cycling the machine seemed to solve any problems I had. Be patient, could take a while to connect and start hashing once it reboots. I remember needing to wait a while sometimes.

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Good suggestion,

I also starting to think it might be the way I connected the miners up to the raspberry pi.

But hopefully the firmware update will do the trick

Just don’t overwrite the firmware on the card that you have now in case you can’t get the new firmware to work.