INNO A4+/A6 are in stock now

I have INNO A4+ and A6 in stock, if anyone interested, please let me know.

Also i see their A6 information on this website, worthy trying.

Again…I can’t find a price on that link…thus as I stated, the usual ASIC maker games…does not seem

like a good time to buy scrypt-pow equipment with the dump of such this March/April from the Bitmain

Dec 2017 to March 15th backlog as an example…so crypto for miners at this point …hoping for an LTC

price pump…you are likely better off just holding LTC, IMHO.

But again, w/o a clear price for 1 unit…how the hell can I tell

hi, just been a while from the website
hope for the LTC price pump, too. the difficulty nowadays is crazy.
my miners were sold last week as 1800USD per unit, FYI
Good day.

good you got that price before the dump…myself…just can’t pull the trigger on asic miners of scrypt-pow or any
flavor…at this point in time

Bitmain has pulled all its units of any asic flavor but the x3 last batch at 1,900 and PSU’s

thus we will see if there will be another fire sale or they are just gonna hold and mine

er never mind…I just looked they are panic dumping in a big way and L3+ is $855

probably it is a trap…even with my $200 buck coupon…but still

anyway…hopefully you got the price you wanted before this dump by bitmain and dump in LTC price


Thank you.
I just do not understand why they have such a quick dump today for L3+. Why is the panic?
Do not want to see the LTC market ruined by this way…

Jihan Wu of Bitmain’s method of info is usually more solid then ours…my guess is he had inside info (or is just smarter than us) and saw the dump in price coming. He may think that scrypt-pow and other asic mining may be in the dregs here (sideways crypto price) for the rest of the year…heck Bitmain may have the rumor’s 1.5th miner at 400 watts they will allow for pre-order in the fall…but mine for 3 months (like dec thru march) doubling LTC difficulty again

many theories…but Jihan Wu always seems to be a step ahead of the rest of us…on such actions

myself I got 6 L3+'s on this deal…with my tax rate from minining (ballpark) it is 40% plus 10% state taxes)
thus 50% is shot no matter what on profits…add the 25% in real $$$ equip deduction $$$ I will get back if
I pay taxes into the IRS etc (a sure thing) that is another 25% off the price…thus my risk after coupons
applied to the 6 units of …I need to make 250 each AFTER electric is paid…

I have a lot of LISK…if stuff goes sideways…if BTC gets a cold the rest of the ALTS get pneumonia …

thus it is a hedge…IF

  1. price goes sideways…I’m likely just swapping crypto for miners back to the same amount of crypto (LTC)

  2. if price dumps…we are all doomed anyway…and thus the above will not matter in the LISK loss and the
    equipment doorstop

  3. If the price goes up …I have a hedge and look like a genius

Indeed, I am in the midwest and watching farmers do the same kinda hedge…if there is a china ban on pork and coin…and the tractor companies are dumping product…the choise is get what you can for crop now…and the cheap equip prices for tractors…and cross your fingers…if it all mucks along sideways you are
golden…if it tanks there will be a NEWER tractor sale on the auction of the farm the next year…they are betting on price better for next years crops…

I am betting on same only with crypto and mining enough (even sideways price) and the crypto price in
future goes up

Again, a newbie buying equip for the first time …and no mining operation in play…would maybe ONLY get
the 25% equpment deduction (if he paid enough taxes to get this back) thus a newbie risk on all this is
at bests a long shot at 75% risk vs my 25% risk…both after electric

but that is the bet…if BTC goes to say 2k and takes the alts with it …all this won’t matter…in that I’ll
simply have 6 doorstops …vs a LISK paperwallet with a lot less value…so my hedge again is…limit
risk on the ALT LiSK and diversify on the unicorn dream/fairydust/bambi vision of price pump on BTC
and the other alts…

so little risk for me if it all goes tulips…some upside if the price recovers…and if it goes sideways…big
whoop…I swap’d LISK for Equip that made LTC equiv to the LISK I spent after electric…

done this hedges before, someday I will always go ‘one miner too far’ on this equipment angle…we will
see if this is the endgame for home mining in this hedge I made here in the next few months

(crypto always drama)