Informação sobre Litecoin Token

Bom dia, alguém sabe me informar se a criptomoeda Litecoin token é da mesma plataforma do Litecoin ou ela é uma fraude ?

google translate of above:

Good morning, does anyone know if the cryptocurrency Litecoin token is on the same platform as Litecoin or is it a fraud?

Seems to be another coin…if not a fraud…it is using a dubious name :frowning:


I saw something called “Litecoin Cash” the other day. It isn´t a fork of Litecoin right? As far as i know, LTC has never done such a thing?

Anyone can ‘fork’ Litecoin if they want to. That project is a ‘fork’ of Litecoin, but isn’t actively maintained and has basically no users. Would advise to stay away!

Yeah, sorry i was a little bit unclear. I meant as far as i know, Litecoin never have done an official Hard-fork like with the Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash situation.

I agree with Losh here.