Importing old 54 character private key from 2013 Litecoin QT

I recently came across my old laptop and while I was checking for any important files to keep before discarding it I realized that there was still a 2013 version of Litecoin QT on it which holds several LTC. I then remembered that that during late 2013 and early 2014 I mined some LTC on my laptop as well as my PC - nothing serious, just for fun… Not much came of it, but I created several private keys, which I found in a word file (talking about being security conscious…) All of them are alphanumeric, 54 characters in length and start with the letter T. I believe they are not encrypted - the wallet on my laptop also isn’t. If I create a new private key from the old Litecoin QT on my laptop (which doesn’t sync anymore)I get the same format: 54 alphanumeric characters starting with a the letter T followed by a number.

I just downloaded the latest version of Litecoin Core on my new PC and after it synced I tried to import several of the old private keys - and got an error message.

The message that I got was Invalid private key encoding (code -5)

I searched the net to find answers on how to import these old private keys, but came up empty. Any help would be appreciated.

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you need to convert it to WIF ( Wallet Import Format)…got to and move the cursor around until it counts down to zero…then click the box “wallet details” and enter your private key in that box…then copy and paste the WIF compressed key into your core wallet

Thanks bakd247, sorry for the late reply but I’m currently travelling for work and don’t have access to my own pc. I’ll try your suggestion when l’m back home next week.