Import of Litecoin from encrypted paper wallet


Sorry for my bad english… I give my best to explain my problems with Litecoin understandable…

I tried to import my Litecoins from my encrypted paper wallet in Exodus and in Litecoin Core but it does not work…
So, here is a short explanation about how I tried it:

I use for the decryption. When I’ve got the decrypted Private Key (WIF), I use him for importing my Litecoins at Exodus. Exodus gives me the responese “Cannot read property length of undefied” by using the “Private Key (WIF)”.
When I use the “Private Key (WIF) Compressed” I get the response: “There is nothing to movex from…”. But with a Litecoin Explorere I can see that my Litecoins are still there…

Litecoin Core:
Under “Help” I open the “Debug Window” then I use the following command:
"importprivkey TheDecryptedPrivateKeyWIF"
Than I get the response “null” (“zero”)
I tried it also with the decrypted “Private Key (WIF) Compressed”, but i got also the response “null” (“zero”).
I tried it also with “walletpassphrase PASSPHRASE 60”. Then I got the response “Error: running with a unencrypted wallet, but walletpassphrase was called (code -15)”.

Sooo… Is here anybody who knows how to get my Litecoins from my encrypted paper wallet?

Thank you in advance!

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I’ve got the same exact problem

When you go to and retrieve your private key with it it doesn’t it show you your private key in different formats? Did you use the right one?

There is an alternative to this, but you will need iOS device.
Download Loafwalllet in the appstore, scan your private key (in QR code, if it happens not to be QR code then convert it to QR code. As long as it is encrypted, you don’t have to worry anything.), enter your password to the encrypted paper wallet and confirm. Now you are free to send your LTC anywhere from Loafwallet.

open your core wallet…when it is finsihed syncing…
open console under help/debug window

then unlock you wallet like this

walletpassphrase (passphrase) 1000

then type importprivkey (spend key)