I'm out of mining sold the works. First time since Oct 18th, 2013 not mining either BTC or LTC

Also posted this on Bitcointalk Forum at For those PM’ing me…and also to show what I got for my stuff…I

sold all my Bitmain Stuff.

I’m out of LTC mining as of today. July 4th 2018.

Just for those wondering on price, this is what I got, price wise for my stuff.

14 Bitmain L3+'s at $250 each and $75 bucks for a total of $325 per unit with used (most more than 1 year)

with Bitmain PSU’s, for $4,450.00 USD.

4 Bitmain L3’s at $125 without any PSU’s of any kind, for $500.00 USD.

2 Bitmain D3’s x11 miners at $150 each with Bitmain PSU’s, for $300.00 USD.

Total $5,350.00 USD.

All above went to buyer(s) in the same Data Hall I’m at. Thus no shipping, and no hassle. Just a transfer or

payment addresses.

Anyway, I’m out.

I still think Bitmain may spring the ‘supposed’ 3x the hash miner out this Summer, (being evil and all) we will

see. If they do, I doubt I will play 'pre-order 4 months

in advance for fall delivery game, I’d guess they would try again. I’m now in full HODL mode, with no mining.


So, seems I’m out of BTC and LTC mining, for the first time since Oct 18th, 2013…feels weird…

but satisfied with the ROI from then till now and the price I got for the above…so can’t really complain.

Anyway, for your info on what I managed to get for the above units, in case some on here are also thinking

about selling such.

As always good luck and pray to the ASIC gods for a pump of all crypto :slight_smile:

Will continue to ‘lurk’ this thread (sorry, for all that are now in ‘dismay’ on that!)



(Note: Also posted on Bitcointalk, link below)

So what will you do with all those power panels at home?

Not sure…I’m I suppose I can use old miners to heat the bsmt…I’m out of BTC and LTC mining…I have 5 obelisk siacoin miners coming this month (but they are doorstops not worth turning on) .so I’ve had my ‘flubs’ too…

still have the 300mh Baikal cube running at 45 watts :slight_smile: yea!

Just can’t see waiting for Bitmain to come out with the ‘supposed’ 3x the hash scrypt-pow LTC miner, just so I can watch them mine it for 3-5 months…drive up difficulty of LTC say 30% to 50% or more and then while they do that they are taking the pre-order money for them to arrive SAY end of Oct 2018

It is called, having your cake and eat it too…not gonna play that game with Bitmain owning at least 85%
of scrypt-pow miners today …with most of them losing $$$…

So, I have supposedly, enough ALT coins to live off of, until I’m 65 at least in 2020…then I can take my retirement stuff (IRA from work) a bit early and get Medicare (assuming it exists) and float till I’m 66 and
can get full boat on my main traditional investments at full retirement …while retaining BTC hoard at least. Was trying to make it to 66 years on alts…but that doesn’t seem likely…

hell, it’s a dumb goal, just using alts till I’m 65 years or 66 years and sitting on BTC hoard, I probably should get a life and spend 3/5 of all my crypto and live it up…but alas,
in order to get crypto BTC or LTC you have to be dull and boring…so even if this does work out…you guessed
it I’m still dull and boring…thus no hope :frowning:

anyway, at best I’ll be a hobby miner with a couple machines in the basement…but at 14c kWh that doesn’t seem likely, thou the Baikal 300mh toy mining dust dash is probably safe as a whirlygig in the bsmt.

sucks, not sure what I’m going to do with myself now :frowning:


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