I'm New here. How do I get litecoin wallet

Which is the best wallet to store litecoin? and how do acquire light coin?

Hi Brit. You open an account at one of the exchanges to buy. Then depending on the value of your LTC you either use an online wallet like LiteVault or a hardware wallet like Ledger Nano S

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Hello Brit!

To buy Litecoin directly, it depends where you live. If in the US, you can buy with Coinbase directly from your bank account to Litecoin. If elsewhere in the world, you may have to buy Bitcoins first, then use Poloniex, or Bitfinex to convert BTC to LTC.

To store Litecoin, if you plan to invest more than the equivalent of $1000, I would strongly recommend any of the hardware wallets on the market (Ledger, Trezor, KeepKey). All three work with Electrum-LTC (electrum-ltc.org) - the private keys remains in your hardware wallet, and the Electrum SPV network does the checking and broadcasting for you.

Remember, the Litecoin resides on the Litecoin blockchain (in the cloud), your “wallet” only holds private keys that allows you to transfers LTC from your adresses to someone else.


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This is the litecoin forum.
To create a wallet you can use any exchange site like coinbase, poloniex, bittrex or btc-e.
There you will setup a wallet, and buy or trade litecoin

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An exchange is not a real wallet, it’s more like a bank. You can store litecoin in an exchange, but it’s not really smart because if something happends to the exchange, your coins are gone (mtGox).

If you only want a Litecoin wallet to store your coins, you can simply download any available or use a hardware version.
The basic wallet you can find here https://litecoin.com/#wallets, but there are more with some extra features etc.

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Thanks so much for your response. I have sign up with Bitfinex but I don’t know how to exchange my btc to ltc.

When I click on Deposit, I saw 3 different wallet address to transfer btc to but I don’t which is right.

  1. Exchange
  2. Funding
  3. Margin.

Which one is right for me to deposit it. I don’t want to trade, I just want to buy LTD.

Pls help to explain the steps to get LTC with BTC on Bitfinex.

Thanks alot.

Thanks alot. I now have a wallet.

electrum works well

Hello Pippi
I am also new and I was trying to created a litecoin wallet with the link provided by you but after click the link if I choose the “Android” option it is redirecting to the Google play store and after that it is appearing “Item not found”

I want for android. Is their any other option ?

Thank you.