If Satoshi cashed out mass BTC and its value crashed, would LTC naturally be the first to take its place?


I know the founder of LTC sold their share in an honest and transparent move to reduce shill influence.

It seems the next logical move cryptocurrency enthusiasts would make would be to find a coin that had a transparent and traceable beginning.

I know this is all just random possibilities, but I’m looking at LTC for the future and BTC does not have the same entrance. Very much the opposite.

If something went horribly wrong with BTC if it wasn’t LTC, what would be next up???

My Answer

The crash would probably be short-lived and the price doesn’t necessarily drive interest in the coin. So, assuming the crash is permanent and all interest is lost, then I think …

1.Ether would take first place in market cap because it is second place right now and like Bitcoin, it leads by a huge amount.

2.Litecoin would probably grow because many people are not interested in Ethereum and other smart contract coins.

Your thoughts?


I also think LTC would suck up a big portion of BTC marketcap in that case.
Best price for smart contract coins is low, low because then the smart contracts are actually used.

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You guys realize that if Satoshi did this (he could he is an anarchist) …that while BTC and LTC would survive…that much coin it would drop the price to about $1,000.00 a coin or lower…

Now that would NOT be such a big deal…but ALL mining or 90% of it would stop with electric costs

vs electric…and we’d drop back down to hobby mode…supposedly…BTC or LTC could recover

but the massive 12 years of trust in decentralized blockchain would be dead…and the banks and

concentrated wealth would be able to promote the ‘ahem’ ‘safer’ controlled blockchain by them.

so it would be a catstophe of epic proportions all crypto would be stained and such

also imagine a world where you can send 1 billion dollars of btc as an example (less ltc) now controlled

by centralized bank coin…do you really think they would not still charge the same fees as before even

though the movement of $$ would almost be free…hell know…the billion in movement would still cost like $40k or some such and they would pocket the profits

indeed.such a concentration of wealth to the wealthy connected of the world in such a centralized manner…hell…serfdom would probably return in 50 years

would be bad for LTC very, very bad for all decentralized left alone not controlled limited amount of coin crypto

hell, I’d bail also if that was the case and take up collecting cats rather than btc



Do you know why people don’t prefer smart contract platforms?


interesting read.
Thank you