If litecoin surpasses BSV in price per coin I'll b so proud of us

For those who aren’t aware, BSV is a fork of Bitcoin by Craig Wright, a guy who falsely (and without any proof) claims he is Satoshi, the creator of Bitcoin.

It baffles me that anyone buys or holds BSV or BCH for that matter.

Roger claimed he and Jihan Wu created BCH to have a version that is faster, cheaper and allows for day to day payments. BSV claims the same.

But it is obviously a lie since neither BCH nor BSV are faster than Bitcoin. All three still have a block time of 10 minutes. And when those two were created Litecoin had already been around for years with a blocktime of just 2.5 minutes > faster transactions, cheaper, higher volume.

The truth is, the only reason BCH and BSV were created was to prolong the use for obsolete Bitcoin mining hardware. The BTC hashrate increases in such a fast pace that mining hardware gets outdated really fast. But BCH hashrate is much lower, hence it can still be mined with obsolete BTC hardware. And once it gets too slow for BCH mining it is still good enough to mine BSV.

Anyone buying either BCH or BSV is simply buying the miners bags helping them playing their games.


Lol, what a true!