I sent LTC do not understand the balance

I sent 0.1 ltc to other ltc address. Wallet Electrum-LTC.
After that on the history tab, the balance is correct. But on the address tab the amount is half what it should be.
In Block Explorer the amount was sent to two addresses.
0.1 LTC to the right address and 1.36 LTC to an unknown address.
I do not understand what my balance is and where the second address came from.

the second address is a change address… there is a setting somewhere in the electrum wallet about using or not change addresses…

the coins are on your wallet, just on another address

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when sending litecoin you always send the whole balance of at least a single address.If the received is supposed to receive less the remainder will be send back to a new address of your own.

Tha’s what you’re seeing