I sent Litecoin to a btc address and I’m trying to retrieve it

So I have a sports bookie that allows us to deposit our winnings using Bitcoin or litecoin I accidentally sent Litecoin to a Bitcoin address I understand now that it’s pretty much sent to a litecoin address that doesn’t exist but how can I retrieve it


You could try to contact the website to which you sent the transaction to.

And maybe they will offer you a refund or something.
Its really up to them.

Otherwise, it’s gone forever. It was designed to be irreversible.


The very same thing happened to me last week. The casino sent my winnings, $25,000, using Litecoin to my Bitcoin wallet. The funds were sent to Coinbase but never made It. I can see the funds in the Litecoin wallet but cant open it. However, I can transfer litecoin into this new wallet. I am being told the same, no way I can open the wallet and retrive my funds.