I request payout during synchronization

Hi I just installed litecoin(dot)org in my PC and Im so excited to received payment from my gig and litecoin is the only payment method client have. I request payment while synchronization is still in progress and the client told me that he send the money already but it not shown in my balance or any transaction history. I also have another problem. I can’t finish the synchronization because my SSD out of space. How can i transfer it to my D drive? I hope I can still get the payment after all this problems

is this legit?

No, that’s not legit. I’ll ban that scammer.

thank you sir. is it possible that I can still get my money? Im not sure and not familiar with this litecoin. I didnt know that this synchronizing required a lot of space. I cant finish the synchronization. what to do now please

If you’re using Linux, the relevant folder that you’re looking is probably this one:


I think the folder on Windows is this one:


If my memory does not fail me, inside that folder, there are the folders “blocks” and “wallets”. The folder “blocks” holds the blockchain files (so you can copy this to a hard disk with more space to skip downloading it again) and “wallet” contains folders that have "wallet.dat’ files. These “wallet.dat” must not be lost! They hold the private keys that you need to move your litecoin!

So, save these “wallet.dat” files and keep them secret. I have restored one wallet once by simply copying the contents of the old “wallet” folder into the freshly created “wallet” folder. You can use this once you use “Litecoin Core” on a hard disk with more space (500 GB recommended).

wow thank you so much. but the money sent by my client is still hit on my account right? and i am able to see it once synchronizing is done?

Yes. In fact, you probably can see the money right now. There are many websites that have a copy of the Litecoin blockchain and they provide a search service, where you can use an address to find the coins associated with that address. Since you certainly provided an address to the one that paid you (either through a QR code or a string of text), you can see the balance of that address using one of these websites:


You can look at the balance right now, but to move the balance you’ll need to use the “wallet.dat” that has your private keys. Once your computer synchronizes with the network, you’ll be able to spend it.

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