I need help. Wallet says .Alert Key compromised

I need help on 2 counts First to upgrade my wallet because the wallet says to do so as it states Key Compromised. 2nd to find my Litecoin from a paper wallet which does not work…I have the '‘address’ but it does not work and I cannot figure it.

I will be very grateful for assistance

you need the private key - not just the public address. If it is a paper wallet, it should have both.

Purchased Litecoin in 2013. Only have block-explorer.com/address. If this is the Public address. That’s all I am aware of. Where are the private keys located as no physical paper ever existed.
I am grateful for any help.
Carole Piller

further to previous reply
The contents of the Litecoin Folder. are as follows.


Are the private keys located in this folder. If not where are they stored?

Also. Do I put the saved dat files in ‘Local or Roaming’

Thank you.
Carole Piller.

Yes - that is the public address. If you ever question whether it is a private key, do not share it - any one with your private key can take your funds. You would have received the private key when you generated the public address. if you did not keep/store the private key, I am pretty certain your funds are lost. How did you generate the address? Was it using the Litecoin qt- wallet? I am guessing so as the directories/files you state above are standard for the qt-wallet. to get the newest version go to https://litecoin.org and click on download - select your correct OS and then update — I would make a back up of the wallet.dat file and store it elsewhere and rename it. once you have done the full install/upgrade then put the wallet.dat file (your renamed version) back in the directory. once you open and sync the wallet there will be an option to open the other file you saved previously.

I never had a wallet when I purchased the litecoin.in around 2013 It was just the key address which I kept safe for all these years. I just had to input it into the browser bar and see the balance. the header was
http://block-explorer.com/address/LQPnfjZz etc etc etc
I downloaded the wallet much later to transfer the litecoin into that. but finding it difficult. I did not do it. It is to long ago to remember exactly. the dates. My thinking now is that I upgrade the wallet and put in my public key, then use that to generate the private key to get my litecoins back. can I do this?

I dont understand the address you refer to IS the wallet. And when you generate a wallet, you generate a private key. If you had someone else or a website generate it for you, there still should have been a private key.

Are you sure the funds are still there? If you are certain it is the public address, share here - DO NOT SHARE it if you think it is the private key.

let me add this - if that wallet.dat file in your above image is the wallet.dat file from when you bought the Litecoin and is not an empty or watch only wallet, it will have the key in it.

You cannot generate the private key from the public address.

I had no e-wallet only that address to input in the browser. It suddenly stopped working some time ago. Inputting that address gave me the total bitcoins in the ‘‘account’’ I try it now. the blockexplorer.com is still showing44 litecoins

I hope this translates and you can help me retrieve them as I have no idea what to do.
Thank you
Carole Piller

ok, how did you get the address? you had to generate it, or some site had to generate it for you.
you cannot generate an address without generating a private key as well. Also - fyi - the address IS THE WALLET you can open it with many wallet apps and programs but the address is the wallet, and if you do not have the private key, then you do not have the wallet or the funds.

So, either you mined it or you bought it. Either way, you had to generate an address and during that address generation they would have provided you a private key.

next, you have a wallet.dat file — that means at one point you had the Litecoin core wallet installed - is that a recent install and thus the wallet.dat file is empty? Or is that the old wallet.dat file from when you got the coins?

If that is an old wallet.dat file that is most likely where you coins are - just install the newest version of Litecoin core and open that file, I suggest you make a copy of it and store it in another location so that you don’t take a chance of overwriting it with the fresh install.

This may all confuse you and sound complicated but once you understand how it works, it is rather simple.

also if you could share the full address - the public address, that might help as well. I can see it partially as LQPnfjZzeo4hkb…

No. As stated before. I did not have a e-wallet until much later. ie. A recent download… I only had ‘‘paper’’ wallet which was never physical and never transferred the litecoin. I actually bought the litecoins from eBay 8 years ago.
I have downloaded the exe for upgraded wallet.
Full address is LQPnfjZzeo4hkb94RXpyH1Q87nTu9XgLue I have no private keys that I am aware of. What do private key for litecoin start with. I seriously need help.
If you can help then I will be much obliged.
thank you.

ok just needed that clarified about the wallet.dat file.

as for the “paper” wallet - I know what you mean but still when that “paper” wallet was generated, it had to be generated as a public address and private key pair.

Did the eBay seller sell you the “address” or just sold you LTC that you gave them an address to send LTC to?

If the first one -then they would have had to given you a private key at that time. If the second one -then how did you get the address?

As for the address - the reason I wanted to see it was to see if any recent transactions on the address - and there are none

off hand I do not know what a LTC private key has for a start - I am not sure if it is limited to specific characters for a starting point.

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There is another very code on the datasheet unconected to transactions and I was wondering if this was the private key. I will try it when the wallet has been upgraded. Am waiting for old wallet to sync
As for the eBay seller. it is too long ago to remember and I no longer have that account to even begin a check. Maybe I will try though.
Thanks and I will get back to you/

Carole Piller

best of luck.