I need help entering the crypto world!

Good Evening,

I’ve recently heard of Bitcoin & for the reasons below I am trying to join the community.

I’m not on the highest of incomes & don’t have a lot of spare cash to invest. I try to invest £5-£10 a month if possible.

I’m looking to keep my Cryptocoins for the long term and hold them for 16-20 years.

I really want to keep some coins saved away for my baby daughters future. Junior ISA’s & saving accounts give out such low interest I feel inflation would destroy any money invested.

I’ve been investing my money into Dogecoin, XRP & Litecoin as I feel they will be stable in the market & fairly valued. Due to Bitcoins high price, I have only been claiming free Satoshis from faucets.

I’m asking from the bottom of my heart if anyone would be kind enough to donate any Dogecoin towards my daughters future funds?

I’ve picked Dogecoin as it’s low cost at $0.01 for five coins.

I completely understand if this post isn’t for you as it’s your hard earned money.

A child’s life is precious & my daughters future is my main priority!

I’m sorry if I sound like a beggar.

It takes away a level of pride asking for help.

Here are my addresses if you would like to help:

Dogecoin: ABzVfF1GncShfABpF1PmTzZgdHYoDhhcEe

Destination tag - 21771579

Litecoin: 3AHPgWNjonuJtiwsCqzWsJgJuWfbZhkz9x

Bitcoin: 31kS8LHmpTvhMcZQYbPndxoUB8hZ6m4pFh

Excuse me if I sound harsh, but that’s not the point of the forum, as well as that’s exactly as it sound, digital beggar! I saw you wrote £ sign, so I imagine you’re in UK, so don’t tell me you can save £5-10 on the side, as even people in India are investing quite a bit of money in digital currencies. That been said, I don’t want to be jerk, but post like that make the forum not welcoming place.

PS: I know I’m nobody in the forum to say that, so excuse me again, that’s my opinion

Walahala coin has some unique and advanced benefits to use than the others, I thinks this coin will gives us a great experience in the cryptocurrency world.

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so we have to buy WHC before executing the trade ?

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