I mistakenly deposit my ltc on btc address

I mistakenly deposit my ltc on btc address
how can i get my coin??

it is about 600ltc.

address: 35rouF3Rm92Ens1ZH4bpsACzGSBLLvBygu

could you help me this problem?


If it is an exchange’s address, contact the exchange. If it is an address of your own, theoretically, it is easy to find the private key of the corresponding LTC address. But you need to check whether there is an existing tool or not.

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You means when i know my btc address secret key, then using in ltc wallet possible??

Is 35rouF3Rm92Ens1ZH4bpsACzGSBLLvBygu the deposit or withdrawal address? It looks to me like the withdrawal address and that all is good. The address begins with a 3, so I assume this is a multisig wallet.

It is not possible to deposit Litecoin into a BTC wallet, so I think you have not made the mistake you believe yourself to have made. The address you have cited appears to exist on both the Litecoin and Bitcoin blockchains as evidenced here:
and here:

I am curious, from what type of wallet did you send the coins? Was it Electrum? To what type of wallet did you send the coins? Are you now feeling okay about your situation? From the block explorer output, it appear as though your 600 litecoins are safe and sound. Please advise.


samething i need help pls

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I am the same as your situation

I have made a mistake and set my 16 LTC to my Cryptopay account which only accepts BTC, this was my mistake can any person help me redeem my lost coins?
Transaction ID is 8e85036d1ec8d8f41869d348fff61743aa1979537b5c45352a8328c8d03f5b7b
and is sitting at the status of not yet redeemed ??

Hi Xinxin,

Good day to You.

I have a peculiar case here… MY ledger nano s generated one single and address serving as BtC and LTC wallets combined. If i sent BTC to it, i will through But If I sent LTC, it will never get the wallet.

I sent LTC to the wallet and its hanging. I can tract through Blockcypher.com but not in wallet.

I have been writing ledger support but seems they are overwhelmed numerous reports from customers.

Please I need your help.


I had the a similar situation, i was able to transfer LTC to a BTC address inside my HitBTC account. The transfer was accepted but the LTC went POOF! I believe that its not gone, its just that HitBTC owns the private keys to the BTC and LTC wallets on their exchange. I opened a ticket and its been weeks, although they do warn you that it takes 2 months to get your ticket resolved. I do see the transaction in the chain, says unspent.

I wrote a blog about it on my site, and also discussed Interledger Protocol and how it should be implemented across the board.

Also made me go out and search for technologies which have already implemented this ILP.