I mined Litecoin 3 years ago and my incoming transactions are unconfirmed

When I mined them they were confirmed and did show as an available balance. I have been searching for a few hours now but have not found anything to really help me. I have a decent amount of them and really don’t want to lose out on them. I would really appreciate anyone who could help.

All of my old incoming transactions show as Unconfirmed/not in memory pool

Are you using an ancient version of Litecoin? Did you upgrade to a new version?

Might need to open the newest version with your old .dat file and let it reindex…

Any news on this ?
i have the same issue. Bought some LTC in 2013 and backed up the .dat file on an usb.
Today ive decided its time to sell them, so ive installed the latest version from litecoin.com
But after synchronizing, it shows both transactions as unconfirmed. After reading on this forum i have just right clicked one of the transaction and selected “abandon transaction”.
Now in the transaction history i have one transaction with the status “unconfirmed received with…”
and one transaction with “abandoned received with…”
but my pending or available balance is still zero.
Any advice will be very appreciated. thank you very much.

This sounds really scary. . , so if you leave your ltc in a cold wallet for years, it could get lost just like that? ?

is your wallet fully synced? it will show zero until its finished syncing the block-chain…takes days depending on your system if you haven’t opened your wallet in a while

I have sorted this, guys…
unfortunately not in a happy way for me.

It seems i got ripped off years ago when i bought the coins.
I am not that much into this crypto world, so i have no idea how that happened, but it seems i dont have the coins anymore.
Was not that much, only 300 coins, but for me this incident is enough to put a stop and carry on with things i know and trust.
No more crypto world for me :frowning:

thank you for your answers. and good luck!