I mined in 2016 but I don't where I put my Litecoins

I intensively mined LTC in 2015-2016, at the time LTC was worth almost nothing. I remember I mined with a couple of computers using a terminal window but I absolutely don’t remember where I put those LTC, how etc … The inly I remember is the at that time the website was ugly (poor design) with a black background and white text … yeah I know it’s a bit odd but …

I mined with CGMINER.

Do you know, how I can be able to recover this ?


maybe https://www.litecoinpool.org/ ?

A lot of pools back then just went poof. Some that come to mind are Gameofcoins and cryptopia and others…can chime in on here as well. I had a ‘buddy’ look at? anyway multipool I think it was the name…there are a lot of others that went poof…the buddy, he had like about a BTC’s worth of alts on there along with BTC dust…he was pleased…anyway others on here can chime in on some ‘dead’ exchanges…hopefully you will get lucky…but in 2014 your ‘best’ bet for a pool was the first one mentioned above for litecoin called www.litecoinpool.org …as to your password you may be on your own…I’m pretty sure he does not do anything if you lose them. As for ssh machines…if you have them around you MAY have the pswd for such on the ssh config to run the ltc stuff on the pool and that may have a password that is the same as the pool…long shot…a lot of passwords on mining simply use x now…but its a shot.

good luck


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LTCrabbit was also looking like you described… that one is poof…
litecoinpool.org is the only i know that kept going for that long… most recommended