I might lose 1000usd if i can not retrieve my litecoin

3 years ago i mined some litecoin (about $1000 worth by today’s price) and i was very stupid and forgot to backup my wallet. Anyway, i have recorded my LABEL and passphrase. I just tried to type passphrase into my wallet( setting>encrypt). After waiting long time synchronization, i found there is zero balance on my account. it seems that my passphrase did not retrieve my litecoin.

Do i did something wrong?

i will give 1 litecoin to those who help me solve this problem.

If you have you private key for the address containing the coins then you can retrieve them…you also need to download the late version of litecoin for your device from litecoin.org…if you have any record of your transaction on your personal PC then you should be able to recover them…let me know…always glad to help…i also offer a pass phrase cracking service for those who swear to have forgotten their password

What do you mean with “label”?
Was your wallet from 3year ago in this pc?
Do you have the PC where you had the wallet?

It may be possible to recover your funds, but I need more information.

HI Pguerrerox,
I have install Litecoin core, and reinstall my window I have lost ltecoin core and my coins. I have purse id and passphrase is there any possibility to retrieve it ? I will pay you 100 Dollar if you help me.

hello maniiiiiii

1- By purse ID, do you mean the private key or just an public key?
2- Did you reinstall windows from scratch or did you upgrade on top of an old windows version?
3- do you have a backup of your wallet someplace else?

if you install from scratch, stop using the PC, it may still be change to recover something.

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I think hes got a “brain wallet” which would be like a “purse id”

HI Bakd247

Sorry for late replying. I think i am stuck at how to setting up the wallet
And that is few things confusing me
a) Is private key same as passphrase?
b) If i key my private key/passphrase at setting>Encrypt wallet? is it correct way to set up my wallet? I have done this step, but i found that wallet balance is zero.

no…the private key is a random string attached to every address that is created…your passphrase encrypts your wallet…and your wallet is a collection of keys
one can also use the BIP38 encryption to encrypt the private key for an address as well

what r u trying to do just setup a encrypted wallet or sweep coins to the wallet?

Hi pguerrerox

i apologize for being late replying your message.
1)Actually, i am not quite sure what it meant :joy: as i jot down 3 years ago. If i am not mistaken, this word refers to tag located at Lite Coin Wallet’s pages of SEND and RECEIVE. You could see them at upper left.
2)Is is the same PC, but i found no backup data.